The Aging Population

Life expectancy at birth for ladies exceeded that for guys by five.4 years globally, with female and male life expectancies standing at 73.8 and 68.4, respectively. A female survival advantage is observed in all regions and countries, ranging from 7 years in Latin America and the Caribbean to 2.9 years in Australia and New Zealand. Throughout the planet older women are far more most likely than older guys to reside…Read More

Digiday Names Social Native As “Greatest Influencer Marketing

Though reminders of a product and look on quite a few media channels can be an influential tactic, becoming too repetitive with content will drive followers away and result in them to drop interest in these posts. Engagement starts with responding to comments, answering direct messages, engaging in conversations and offering their truthful opinions. By building a strong relationship with their followers, they are creating trust and credibility to their…Read More